CECB+ – Cantonal Energy Certificate for Buildings Plus (Certificat Énergétique Cantonal des Bâtiments Plus)

CECB+ stands for « Certificat Énergétique Cantonal des Bâtiments Plus » in English, which translates to « Cantonal Energy Certificate for Buildings Plus. » (Switzerland french part).

In a CECB+ audit, a report is provided with up to three variants for the renovation or modernization of an existing building intended for one or more purposes (individual housing, collective housing, schools, hotels, administrative buildings, shops, and restaurants, etc.).

Initially, the CECB Expert gathers data (interviews with the building owner or responsible party, plans, energy consumption data) and evaluates the existing building by describing and analyzing its thermal elements and technical elements, resulting in a classification. Using this analysis and discussions with the building owner while considering their preferences, the Expert assesses possible renovation options for the building.

Through discussions with the owner, indications and recommendations regarding renovation variants are presented by the Expert. These recommendations are included in the final report provided to the owner, along with the Expert’s advice.

In the case of a Minergie building, CECB+ complements Minergie certification perfectly. CECB assesses the existing state of the building to be renovated and proposes renovation options in line with Minergie requirements.

Combining CECB+ with building thermography adds significant value for a more comprehensive analysis. With CECB+, you receive an analysis of the existing building’s condition and renovation proposals. Thermography provides insights into the current state of your building. Two types of thermographic inspections are possible: a light inspection, ideal for complementing CECB, and a comprehensive inspection with a detailed report that can be combined with CECB or established independently.

Here’s an example of the CECB+ study process:

  1. Contact the CECB Expert or request a quote.
  2. Initial phone contact between Expert and client to discuss client’s needs and questions.
  3. Proposal of an offer for the study.
  4. The Expert applies for subsidies from the canton (the study may be subsidized depending on the canton, and additional subsidies may be available from municipalities).
  5. The client provides data/documents to the Expert if possible.
  6. The Expert visits the site for discussions, surveys, and measurements.
  7. Proposal of three renovation variants (including one for total renovation) and identification of the most relevant one considering energy savings, return on investment, and owner’s situation.
  8. Preliminary sizing of heating, ventilation, and building envelope systems.
  9. Provision of a plausible thermal balance (energy label) for the existing state and possible renovation work.
  10. Approximate cost calculations for renovation and maintenance.
  11. Estimation of the required investment, including financial support.
  12. Assessment of operating cost savings.
  13. Calculation of subsidy amounts.
  14. Transparent technical advice and support in choosing renovation measures.
  15. Explanation of each studied variant, guiding the client toward the most suitable option.

Some recent CECB+ references include audits of residential buildings in Lausanne, Morges, administrative buildings in Nyon, villas in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud, a PPE building in the canton of Fribourg, and large buildings in the center of Geneva. Additionally, there have been numerous CECB+ assessments for buildings in various municipalities. The Expert is highly active in CECB projects, having completed over 400 CECB assessments to date. Other projects include an energy audit of the CERN firefighters’ barracks, various subsidy applications following CECB+ assessments, and the creation of energy reports and thermal assessments based on CECB+ findings. There was also an energy audit, according to OFEN specifications, for a church in Rolle, and several thermographic studies.

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